Branding is a wholesome process that involves multiple process and formulas that one must follow in order to be able to deliver the results that the clients look up to and bring out brands that truly make a difference.

The process of branding for some is just designing a beautiful and eye catchy logo, however, the case is not similar with agencies like Design Outline. We, at Design Outline follow a set of protocols and formulated action plan to arrive at our final results that matched up to our standards and proves to be of utter importance and utility to the clients.

The process that we follow is chronologically stated below:

Step 1: Meet

It is essential to get to know the needs and requirements of our clients and thus, the first and foremost step that we take in the process is to receive a briefing from the client by mode of a meeting.

Step 2: Researching

It is crucial for us to understand the business of an individual on our level, this lets us understand the scale, competition and area of operations which helps us curate new ideas that deliver highest productivity to the brand.

Step 3: Sketch

The brainstorming process comes into the practical application in this process where we present our ideas on a pen and paper format to make a basic but solid action plan for the process of actual designing to commence.

Step 4: Conceptualizing

The rough sketches are taken as guidelines to bring out a set of choices in design which could be used for the reference of clients, these designed are open to all sort of edits and reviews and are sent for approval to the clients.

Step 5: Presentation

This is a scrutiny and more of an examination that we have to face as here, our designs go through the analysis of our clients, who, then select and finalize or reject the designs that they like or dislike respectively.

Step 6: Revisions

Upon receiving the critical and crucial feedback of our clients, it is necessary that we take charge of the formulation of edits and necessary updates in the existing designs and ensure that the changes are made accordingly.

Step 7: Deliver

The actual fruit of all the efforts that we undertake comes in this process, we strive for maximum satisfaction of our clients and thus always try to deliver what is best for the client and coincides with their interests.

Step 8: Social Media and PR Management

An important, though optional aspect of branding after the logo is finalized is Social Media Marketing and PR Management. It is obvious that a brand by itself can’t raise the reach of the company; it needs to be promoted vigorously. It therefore makes complete sense that a newly born brand is introduced to its new friends in the markets and for that matter the enemies too. This way, the reach amongst consumers is increased and therefore the volume of sales is boosted. PR maintains the relations of the brand with its competitors and consumers in the market and thus lets it remain in the good books always, which builds goodwill.

Design Outline, is not merely a designing agency, we are a group of individuals who believe in delivering results and not just doing plain business. It is through the combined efforts of a committed team and the trust of our clients in us that build our strong brands.

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