We can’t agree more to the fact that today the world is changing at a speed like never before, cut-throat competition in the market with so many products and services being at the customer’s disposal, the new age is totally the age of a global village.

We all put our best foot forward to get ourselves an edge over others. One such important factor that gives a product its identity, and recognition amongst its users and competitors is the logo of the company. This forms the brand and attaches a value often known as the “brand value” in technical terms. The first aspect that people notice and take into their long term memory is the logo of the brand. It thus becomes necessary for a company to make sure that the logo it chooses for itself is competent, creative and simply phenomenal. And if you are about to choose a logo for yourself, it surely is necessary for you to keep in mind the following aspects that constitute a marvelous logo:


The making and design of the logo for your brand should always follow minimalistic guidelines and should easily be perceived by any common individual who just gives it a glance. Complex designs are hard to understand, harder to remember.


If you are going with the flow, you might miss on one crucial thing called innovation, it is essentially important for a brand to place itself apart from competition, building a distinct logo helps the brand to stand out from the rest.


Plagiarism not only gets you in legal troubles, but also has a super negative effect on the image of the brand especially in terms of credibility and trust.


Secret messages and playful colors always light up the feel-good hormones in the viewer, it is therefore always a pre-requisite for a logo to be designed.


A logo only makes sense when it leaves behind its effect on the viewer, all those hours of hard work indulged in the creation of a logo goes into the drain when the logo fails to deliver any meaning to the consumer.


For big companies, especially those dealing in more than one products, it is necessary for them to make sure to choose a logo that adjusts itself to literally every possible product/service that your company is likely to sell in the near future.


An irrelevant logo is like a blind bird, it leads nowhere, your brand and the kind of operations you are into should be clear from the design of your logo and the name of your brand.


Though not always, but most times, it is good to have a targeted audience and market segment for your product, which eases the marketing processes and reduces the efforts needed to gain traction.


Time leaves its effects on everything, but your logo should not be an exception and not the one which gets outdated soon. It is always good to make classic choices that are not much likely to go out of trend in the near future.


You might be a tiny startup, but hey, times change! It is one essential thing to keep in mind that the logo you get for yourself should be the one that works well for a small shop as well as cool for a big MNC, scalability is important, because you won’t appreciate losing your goodwill in the process of switching your logos.

We at design outline take every project as it is and work with utmost patience, curiosity and undertake extreme brainstorming discussions to meet up to your expectations, keeping in mind everything that is needed to make a logo perfect and ideal

– Hitesh Arora