Today’s consumers, be the baby boomers, millennials, or even iGen, have gone completely crazy after health hacks. Just to get an idea of what’s happening, millennials spend almost 25% of their income on health and wellness, while most of the money goes to healthier food and clothing.

We’ve gotten so obsessed with products, energy drinks, and food supplements wrapped in nice packaging that a promise of a healthier life makes us forget to see what’s under our nose (or in our fridge). People are fascinated by what is the newest hit on the market and forget about the benefits of dairy products. To remind them about this, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) launched a ‘super drink’ that’s made of pure ingredients.

To mark the World Milk Day, which took place on June 1st, DFA launched Mülü, a beverage that is supposed to be as sophisticated as it sounds. And it might fool you: it contains five essential vitamins (A, D, B2, B12, and B3) and no sugar. Have you figured out what’s in the bottle? You haven’t? Let us tell you. It’s milk and milk only.

Created in partnership with advertising agency Barkley, the product was born to boost the branding and visual identity of the thousand-year-old drink. The team behind the project reimaged it as a “cutting-edge energy solution.”

The Kansas City-based agency decided to make it more visible among shopper and reinterpreted the milk bottle design packaging by borrowing similar aesthetic lines that embellish the looks of other fancy drinks that are out there.

The container isn’t that elaborate in terms of structure: it bears a simple, cylindric shape. But as far as the decoration is concerned, things appear in such manner as to impress one’s eyes. The bottle is adorned with colored letters, each looking like it was linked to the other, revealing a dynamic visual ensemble. Plus, the umlauts placed above the “u” letters give consumers a sense that there are two faces that are smiling at them. So why not start your day with a milky smile? 🙂

Also, the flasks carry the nutrition information within the visuals, letting the audience find out how much good a sip of milk can do to their health. “When we read the list of incredible health benefits of milk, we thought it sounded like a trendy new super drink,” says Katy Hornaday, Executive Creative Director at Barkley. “We added some umlauts and the campaign concept was born.”