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Quality is a pre-requisite for any successful business venture. Perfect quality has always been our primary concern. We make it doubly sure that all our products are safe, durable and meet all the standard requirements as specified by the ISO 9001 accreditation. Whatever be the production stage of our products, we integrate different kinds of stringent quality checks in the production process itself. All the final products are put in grill of vigorous electrical and mechanical tests as per the Indian and international standards before dispatch so as to increase the life of the equipment and to make each and every appliance to be a trouble free gadget for the lifetime.

The testing of our products is totally electrical and no obsolete method is employed for quality checks. We make it absolutely certain that our products are tested for all the international safeguards and symbols indicating these safety measures are visible on our products.

Ultra-modern laboratories are our seal of quality and various quality tools like Statistical Process Control and Capability Analysis of equipments are carried out meticulously in them on a regular basis. We consider it a matter of great regret if even a single item produced by us turns out to be defective. Though this has never happened, our company policy is to effect complete refund in case such an unpleasant happening occurs.
The Products of Perfections
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