A new Diesel spot, born in the creative hands of Publicis Italy, speaks about the downside of the digital era we currently live in. An online world where we get to know the ones who might become our next significant other through a series of pixels. A place where profile photos are used as pick-up lines and dating apps as perfect tools to find our better half.

Once a dating app or a website comes up with your perfect match, there’s nothing else to do other than going on a first date and meeting the person you wanted so hard to see in real life. But what if the person that stands in front of you doesn’t resemble the one you met online at all?

Blind dates do not always come out the way you want. Inspired by this unfortunate fact, the Italian clothing brand released an online video that presents a clever solution to the infamous embarrassing date problem.

So how do you face this situation? Well, you don’t! You run away! At least this is Diesel’s plan. All you need is some guts and a good pair of comfy trousers that allow you to move as fast as possible.

According to the famous brand, its new line of jeans, JoggJeans, is exactly what you need to escape from a bad date. “Made to run away,” the company claims while adding that the pants are built “for speed so you can get out from a bad date and on to the next one faster than you can say <swipe left>.”

A boring date is definitely time-consuming. According to a Diesel survey, more than 60% of Japanese people think that a bad date represents a perfect synonym for wasted time. In an effort to help them save valuable time, Diesel Japan developed the “Run Away Kit,” emergency equipment that’s intended to help the user run away in a polite manner from a not-so-romantic date.

The kit includes a fake phone call or text message from a fictitious boss or mom, a run-away map that points out the nearest bus station, and run-away denim pants that will maximize the runner’s performance. Also, the brand used one of the kit’s items, the JoggJeans, as a prize for those who decided to share their worst dating experience with the brand. These denim gifts were limited to those living in Japan.

The video, created by the Milan-based agency in partnership with director Marco Prestini of The Family, is part of a global integrated campaign and is supported by print, OOH, e-commerce, and hyper-targeted social media content.

The one-minute-long ad presents a young guy going to a series of romantic dates. Typically, each and every one of them turns out to be an epic fail, as he meets a weird ‘ice queen,’ a Monica who is actually a Russian man, a girl who looks exactly like her Instagram profile photo, and a woman who’s more interested in flirting with the waiter.