Being in the industry today and to maintain a position therein is a typically challenging business. With multiple dimensions and dynamics affecting your business, it highly becomes a possibility that you miss on important aspects like branding. It is often too late until the companies actually understand their needs and consider rebranding. It is often possible that those suffering often also face a shortage of resources in most cases, it therefore becomes extensively crucial for the enterprise to make wiser choices and invest money in a branding agency that actually provides them with the support and value for money that they need at the moment. With so many players in the marketing industry, it is usually tough for companies to settle down with the best agency and thus, I’ll today let you know some tricks that one must follow to achieve this goal:

Evaluate their ability of understanding your business

It is but obvious that any agency who you decide to work with should be mindful enough to understand you, and more importantly, your company, its operations, its consumers and literally every other aspect related to your dealings and operations. Consider the deliverables and services you need and confirm whether they can provide you with them or not.


In most cases, you might ignore the scrutiny of the abilities of a branding agency by just getting too impressed by a set of big projects in their kitty in a particular field. This, however should never be the case, viz. a football player given the bat to play the match, the results are going to be highly predictable. It is crucial for a branding agency to have a diversified portfolio and a success story that doesn’t sound like a fairy-tale.

Out of the box creativity

The branding business is all about wit, creative thinking and extravagant design skills. For your brand’s identity to be vivid and witty, it is an essential prerequisite that the agency you choose masters in ideation of fresh designs and creating pieces of art that are loaded with secret messages that portrays a greatly detailed perception of your business. Creativity not only sets your apart from the rest but also boosts the image of your brand in terms of qualitative expectations that the consumers derive from your brand.

Ask for numbers

Theoretical reports are often not too descriptive and thus cannot depict always what the most common results are delivered by them to their clients. Ask for analytics and graphical representations that truly derive the truth out of every fact that is a mere statement. Take a look at the metrics, the reports and measurable results and then use your conscience to make a solid decision.

Question their capabilities

As in the case of most branding agencies, they consider outsourcing and depending on freelancers for most of their work (designing, copywriting, social media etc.) which is usually not the best case. The more control they have on these factors and the stronger their abilities internally are, the better it is. Additionally, it is in prevalence that the branding companies only specialize in logo making and designing which indeed is a big no-no when you want to go for something that can induce a change.

To choose a branding agency is tiresome task if what you look for is a “good branding agency”, however it is equally important and worth the extra efforts, and rightly so because of the extent of resources required in the process.

Branding does not confide only into designing and creativity, it is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional aspect of business that needs to be taken care of in order to maintain an increasing level of growth in a company.

- Hitesh Arora