A business that you are about is more of like your very own baby. You have to nurture it, have great sense of care and make sure that all of its needs are looked after. Just like a baby needs an identification, a business too needs a name, an identity that it will be carrying throughout the journey of its life, in most cases, if not all, it is a onetime process and thus must be considered with a deep thought as you won’t want to change the name often because this directly destroys goodwill.

Here we bring to you a few pointers to keep in mind while naming a business that you own:

Don’t go for generic

Everyone in this world is unique and thus obviously your business too is, so keeping that in mind, typically a soft drink company making orange juice should never keep names like Orange Juice Ltd. Why? Because it has no identity of itself. In Simple, plain terms, it is just a regular orange juice, which is too generic to be

 No random “fancy looking” words

It indeed is good to be creative, but your name for a brand must make some sense, a particular meaning should be delivered by the name that you choose for your company. Just some random words, making no sense are a complete no-no.

Keep it original

Dodge legal attacks, they can turn things to a great mess. Make sure you do a good research before settling for a particular name of your company, in many cases when you accidentally take up an already existing name, an already trademarked one, and make it your company’s name, you are calling trouble to your door. Make it original by establishing one for you by undertaking a deep-thought.


An age old name to a modern and edgy brand doesn’t anyway look nice, be careful and creative, because revolution is new age’s rule, be mindful and give your brand a name that is tricky and trendy at the same time.


In most cases of non-profit organizations, the names are designed in a way that the acronym for the name turns out to be itself also delivering a meaning.

The name of the organization plays a major part in the perception of the brand amongst the consumers, it therefore becomes necessary for the company to pay good amount of stress whilst giving an identity to the brand.

- Hitesh Arora