1.  Recruiting never got so interesting!


It surely is possible that you are stuck with fandom after having a quick glimpse at this brilliantly and wittly curated advertisement for an opening in the company. They rightly have challenged creative minds to understand what their expectations are from those who opt in.


2. They love to eat and greet!

There possibly ain’t any better way to greet and wish your customers luck and prosperity than these stated in the adjacent creatives, Zomato knows it all, wishing them and promoting itself in a witty manner is what makes it win million hearts.

3. And what’s the fun without a pun?

What makes you go tongue in cheek is also what makes you laugh about the social puns that these masters craft out and bash on you. Humour and comic timing gets adjusted each time they come up with such brilliant advertisements.

4. Who knows you better than them?

Your daily routine and what you like to do in your routine life, they know it all, blame them for being so inquisitive about your lives that everytime they make something, they know whether you will like it or not, take for example this advertisement, The Game of Cones, isn’t this what your Saturday night looks like? Uhm Yummy & Interesting!

5. Boring news gets sizzling makeovers!

You probably are a junk reader, but they know how to present healthy news in a crispy, appealing manner, because you know, it is all about presenting. Zomato plays out the best role when delivering feeds, both literally and actually.