Marketing and Branding are two terms that are poles apart from one another, though they are rightly said to be players of the same game. It is often believed that the difference in marketing and branding is such that it can be easily differentiated. Still not clear? We have just the right piece of information for you, check out how branding and marketing are two fields divided by a thin line:

Marketing is short-lived, Branding is a long-term concept

Marketing is to increase the traction of the consumers towards a particular series or range of products that a company has launched recently through the means of captivating the audiences by vigorous advertising whereas branding is a long term concept involving building a consume base who will always automatically get targeted whenever the company launches a product.

Marketing is purely business oriented; Branding involves an emotional connect

The sole purpose that a marketing strategy follows is to boost the volume of a company’s sale by hook or crook. In the process of doing so, the emotions, expectations and satisfaction of the customer is often neglected which is not the case with branding. Branding builds a reputation of the company and helps consumers relate to the brand, understand its calibre and cultivate trust in the mind-set of consumers. In this process, branding often instils a set of habits in a consumer and thus connects at an emotional level.

Marketing is a wider concept, Branding comes under the scope of marketing

Though Marketing and Branding both are equally important and essential, branding still is an optional strategy and for these purposes many businesses neglect it, however, marketing, in terms of visual, textual, vocal promotion of a good or service is a widely accepted, and a much cheaper concept when compared to branding, thus, the scope of marketing is wider.

Branding depends upon marketing

Mere designing of the logo is never going to be as productive as you had expected it to be before getting your brand. The process of branding would go into the drain without a proper marketing plan. The brand must be promoted vigorously to make its reach prominent and also to bring it into the notice of many potential buyers who could join the pool.

Overall, marketing and branding are two vital tonics that a company needs to improve its position in the market, it is thus necessary that a company focuses on marketing and branding simultaneously to ride in the market as a strong player.

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