Logic comes to an end when we pay a quick glimpse to the fact that the yellow T Shirt shown above would cost you about 1.6 Lakh Rupees and the black one a whopping Rs.62 Lakhs. A nice watch, suit or shoes commanded premium prices. We got that. These products required quality materials and craftsmanship, and were investments of a kind. But round neck or v-neck T-Shirts? Why should they cost an arm, leg and a round of botox treatment? Increasingly, though, T-Shirts costing Rs 25,000 and upwards were becoming common.

And then, in memorable 2016, when an overweight and underqualified man became the leader of the no longer free world, came the DHL T-Shirt. It was a simple yellow top with the logo of the courier company. You could have bought it on the road, and a few weeks later promoted it to the status of cleaning rag.

Then there are the luxury mainstream labels. A Gucci T-Shirt with a flaming cat can be yours for about Rs 1.6 lakh. And if that is beneath you, there is always the option of requesting Hermes for a reissue of their 2013 croc leather T-Shirt, the cost of which was about Rs 62 lakh.  
We can’t think of brand value going to such extreme levels that it shocks our brains and hurts the heart, but it is true. Would you buy one for yourself?