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The nightlife champions from London


From the plain streets of London, Toy Room took a bumpy ride to India to revolutionize the way we party. Bringing to you Toy Room Club in New Delhi; the grumpy teddy that will bring a smile on your face every single time you will pay it a glimpse. Design Outline welcomes Toy Room club to India.

This project was a majestical and magnificent spark to the kind of works we at Design Outline undertake. We are immensely filled with honor today to have showcased the capability of performing up to the standards put up by the owners of this chain of elite club owners.
Toy Room dawned on us on one fine day riding a bumpy ride straight from the streets of London to redefine and reimagine the manner in which youth of Delhi party. The fascination of Toy Room with India compelled them to drive across the oceans and experience the culture of this unpredictable country and thus came into existence Toy Room India.

The retail installations matching with the overall theme and the overall ambiance at the location completely put the visitors into a state of awestruck wherein the complete set-up of the place makes a lasting impact on the party lovers that come here and enjoy their hearts out.

Toy Room was no ordinary street side club that was just about partying and drinking, it indeed was a well-thought and strategic concept wherein a grumpy bear took charge of “as the name says”, ‘toy room’!
The design is quirkiness at its peaks, a grumpy bear with a tricolor spectacle and bandaids complete sets this branding apart from every other club in the country. The completely special project brings together fun, quirkiness and out of the box creativity.

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